Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Apple for the Teacher - Teacher Appreciation

Teacher's Appreciation Week is coming to an end soon.  But…you can always appreciate a teacher any time of the year!

I found an awesome cookie recipe from “Bake at 350” here and an amazing royal icing recipe here .  Both are so easy and taste wonderful.  I love this cookie recipe not only because it taste wonderful and smells great while it’s baking, but… it holds it’s shape incredibly well.

The University of Cookies had a great video here on how to roll out cutout cookies without having to put flour on your counter.  I have been rolling out cookies like this forever and LOVE it.

After you have your cookies baked, frosted and left out over night on the counter uncovered to harden you can start to stack them or assemble them into packages.

To make a "bushel of apples" for the teacher. I bought small baskets from Jo-Ann Fabrics for $1.50 and the apple cookie cutter for .99 cents.  Let me tell you…. apple shaped cookie cutters are harder to find than you think!

Start by wrapping each cookie into it’s own 3” x 4” baggie and tie closed with raffia ribbon

Place cookie cutter and cookies into the basket with filler.  Print out the recipe for both the cookie and the frosting.  Tie recipes together with matching raffia ribbon.

Here is a smaller and even less expensive version for two cookies.  Instead of the basket use a 4” x 9.5” baggie, add some filler and two cookies, then tie closed with raffia ribbon. 
An even smaller version to pass out to lots of teachers is a single cookie wrapped in a 3” x 4” baggie with recipes attached to baggie with raffia ribbon.  If you don't have time to print out the recipes a single cookie looks just as cute!  See the two single cookies at the bottom of the photo above, aren’t they cute?!

This is how I will be handing out cookies to other teachers that I know would love a small teacher appreciation gift.

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  1. Super cute. They look yummy.