Friday, January 7, 2011

Acrylic Frame Calendars

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OK, I will stop with the acrylic frames…. but they are so fast and fun to make. 

I thought I would try and be a little different for Valentine’s Day and instead of candy I will be giving these little calendars.

To make these and in keeping with a Valentine’s Day theme I used scrap pieces of paper that had red and red tons.

You can print the 2011 mini calendars from here.

I tied a wide white and thin red ribbon around the front panel of the frame only.  I did this so that the paper will be behind the ribbon for easy switching out of the backgrounds.

I made these double sided by glue sticking to pieces of paper together.  The picture above shows one of each of the sides. 

Lastly, I put on a cute little backpack sticker.  And that was it!

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  1. JUST AWESOME!!!!!! abstract oil paintings - Decorative art


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