Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Wedding Anniversary GIY Gifts

Feel free to use your skills and imagination. Whether it is your anniversary or you want to make a gift for your friends, it doesn’t matter. You can be sure that these ideas will come in handy in any case.

  1. Wooden signs

Wood is always noble, fashionable, expensive, and appropriate. The letters of the names or numbers of dates, carved from wood, will become a pretty decoration for the bedroom. You can use words about love, a quote from the wedding oath, dates of birth of children, or even two simple hearts – what could be more romantic? Don’t be afraid to experiment.

  1. Embroidery

They say that if someone embroiders the initials of spouses on the towel, their love will acquire special strength and inviolability. In addition, it is a stylish and beautiful amulet for the house. So, embroider names of loving people, the number and day of their marriage and arrange the panel with flowers because this is a distinctive and traditional gift. A couple will be pleasantly surprised and touched by such a gift.

  1. Volume paintings

Buttons, ribbons or plain paper – everything is suitable for making a picture-postcard. You can use scrapbooking or quilling techniques – paper ribbons and cute little things can help fantasy create masterpieces. It can be paintings or just a photo album decor that holds memorable photos.

  1. Creative bouquet

Flowers will quickly fade and thrown into the garbage, but what if you take vegetables, fruits and sweets instead of them? Place the fruit on wooden skewers, wrap candy with decorative scotch and glue it. Then combine them and wrap in organza or corrugated paper.

  1. Garland of the photo

A small piece of twine, photographs and decorative clothespins are the main items in this gift. Select the most interesting photographs of you and hang them with clothespins on the rope. Despite the simplicity of this gift, such a garland looks very gentle and airy.

  1. Wall newspaper

It is cheap and cheerful. All that you need is drawing paper, felt-tip pens, chocolate bars, and double-sided tape. There may be hints that only two can understand – and this is especially touching.

  1. A hundred reasons to love you

People often forget or hesitate to talk about their love, but now there will be a great opportunity to say everything: prepare strips of colored paper, scissors, and thin satin ribbons. The essence of this nice surprise is that you will write 100 compliments to your loved one and put them in a cute jar in the form of small scrolls. It is a very simple, but very soulful sign of love.

  1. Bouquet of sweets 

A woman will be pleased with any bouquet, even if it is made of artificial flowers. For such a gift, you will need corrugated paper and candy. Try to make woman’s favorite flowers out of paper. The bouquet should be wrapped in beautiful cellophane. You can add fresh plants to the composition. For example, you can alternate artificial flowers with candy and real flowers. Any girl would be pleased to receive the creation of her own man who spent the whole evening creating a gift.