Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rolo Pencils for Teacher Appreciation Gifts or Lunch Box Treats for the Kiddos

I found these super cute Rolo Pencils on Lori’s Blog who found them featured in a Creating Keepsakes Magazine.  I liked them so much I thought I would try making them too.
These little pencils could not be any easier to make.  Truly one of the fastest crafts I have ever done.
Here is your supplies list:
3 ½” x 4 ½” yellow cardstock
3 ½” x 3/8” pink cardstock
Scrap piece of pink cardstock
3 ½” length of silver metallic ribbon
Zig zag scissors
Paper crimper or scoring tool
Adhesive of your choice
1 Rolo
1 Almond Hershey Kiss
1 Nickel
To get started, take the yellow cardstock and put the 4 ½” side of the cardstock into the crimper and crimp.  If you do not have a crimper you can score the yellow cardstock every ¼” until fully scored from end to end.  I also crimped the silver metallic ribbon.
Next, trim one of the 3 ½” edges of the yellow cardstock with zig zag scissors. 
Apply adhesive to the yellow cardstock and roll it around the Rolo keeping the zig zag closed to one edge of the Rolo.  You will have some of the Rolo showing on the other end.       
Wrap and adhere the 3 ½” x 3/8” pink cardstock around the end of the Rolo that is still showing. 
Next, trace around the nickel and cut out the circle to cover the exposed end of the Rolo.  This will complete the “eraser”.
Wrap and adhere the sliver metallic ribbon right under the pink “eraser”.
Lastly, adhere your Hershey Kiss to the other end of the Rolo and cut off the white kiss tag if it is showing. 


  1. Hey Tara... These are ADORABLE! I love your cute ideas you've posted on your blog. Sorry I have not had a chance to post till now.
    My Daughter-in-law just broke her ankle and I am flying out this evening to Hawaii to stay for 1 1/2 months to help out. Unexpected fly out! So you can imagine trying to tie up loose ends and get things ready on no notice! I won't be posting anything to my blog till I return. but plan to take my copics and some images! LOL there is always suitcase room! :)
    Sorry to hear about your loss. Sending big hugs!
    Enjoy your Copics! When I'm back and things settle down again I'll get you some more images.

  2. I sat down with my 6 and 8 yr old this year and did these up for teacher appreciation. I did all the prep work of measuring, crimping and cutting, they put it all together with me. They loved giving them to their teachers and they were a huge hit with the teachers. Lots of oohs and awes. Thanks for posting this craft.