Thursday, January 5, 2012

Easy Roller Giveaway at Cake Pops and Sticks

Would anyone like a chance to WIN an Easy Roller?!


The Easy Roller is an awesome creation! It can roll up to 21+/- cake balls at a time that are 1.25” in diameter. The perfect sized cake pop in my opinion.

The Easy Roller has a retail value of $270.00…but is PRICELESS in the kitchen.

Watch Jennifer from as she demonstrates the Easy Roller in action.

The Easy Roller is made from sturdy food safe plastic and is designed to have interchangeable plates for different shapes.  New shapes that will coming out in March 2012 are: 1” cake ball, the 1.5” cake ball and a cupcake shape.  "Pop" on over to for your chance to win!

***  REMINDER***

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Thanks and Good Luck!

Tara Heine


  1. Mkes it look easy, I think we would enjoy having one. Lots of fun

  2. I was wondering who won that cake pop roller. I wish I had one, I could make my cake pops in no time.

    1. The winner was posted